3 New Free Email Signature Templates Launched

The power of the digital email signature is that emails from your company or organization have the same professional appearance. Your email signature is also an identity of your brand and marketing as your direct contacts would always see your signature on every email they receive.

To show you some possible variations, we've included some free email templates in our online email signature generator. This gives you more choice in our online tool for your own company or organization. We plan to add some free signature templates in the future.
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Want to get the same email signatures for every colleague and department in your company? With our platform, it's easy. Just create an account and choose the options you like. Start right away with your company's identity. When you're done, add your colleagues and their information so that the signatures are generated and saved directly for them. It doesn't matter if you would have a new device, you just need to log into the system and get your latest email signature. It is stored in our system for you and your colleagues.
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Of course, your own design and identity in the form of your email signature is possible to implement in our platform. It's easy, just email us your design and we'll create a premium custom email signature based on your design. The price of these services depends on the complexity of your email signature design. Normal price is 50 euros ex VAT and would take a working day to implement. Interested? Send us your request at the contact page.

No design for your signature? Don't worry, we have multiple premium email signatures on our platform. Do you want a special and unique design of your email signature? One of our designers can create a design and identity for your corporate email signature. Let us know!


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