By paper card- hello vCard. In our tech-driven world, business cards are going digital with vCards. They're simple, efficient, and changing the way we connect. Let's look at the basics of vCards and discover how they're transforming the art of networking.

Do you need help with vCards? 4BIS Innovations can help you with setting up and integrating your vCards into your business.

What are vcards?

Vcard or VCF (Virtual Contact File) is a file type. They are digital files that serve the purpose of a paper business card. They can contain all the contact information you need, such as phone numbers, names, email addresses, websites, social platforms, a profile picture, etc… With the right tools, these vCards can be distributed inside emails, WhatsApp messages or even a QR-code.
Vcards files are recognized by their file extension: “.vcf”

Why vCards?

Using vCards offers you several significant advantages. It’s a more convenient and efficient way of sharing contact information. A couple reasons for using vCards:

Efficiency & Convenience

Generating vCards is very simple. There are plenty of tools online to help you with this process. When you want to share your contact details with somebody, you can simple share the file. Some platforms also offer QR-codes containing your vCard information. To save contact information, people would only have to click a couple of times!
You also won’t have to think about how many print-outs you want for you business card, nor will you ever run out of cards!

Accuracy & Updating

When transcribing information from a paper business card, there is always the possibility for mistakes or typos. This is always a risk with human-inputs. When you share the vCard file, all information will be copied exactly as you have entered it.
A digital card also allows you to simply change your contact details and just have people access the most recent version of your vCard. You won’t have to have new business cards printed.


Vcards can be integrated inside online platforms. You could add the downloadable files or a QR code on your website or you can integrate them inside CRM systems or contact management apps.
The possibilities for vCards integrations are pretty much endless.

Professional Image

Vcards can give a very professional impression. Embracing the digital age and it’s solutions can project a tech-savvy and modern image.


It is definitely worth it to switch from a paper business card to an electronic card. Editing is much easier and more efficient. vCards can provide a professional appearance and help you save costs on paper cards.


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