Why DigitalSignatureGenerator?

The name already gives it away a bit. A new website where it is possible to make a digital signature. But what distinguishes this website from all other platforms on which this is possible?

Digital email signatures are not new, they are mainly used in email traffic. For example, for most companies a standard is to close their mail with a nice digital signature. Every staff member has one. Everything on it, name, position, data, company logo. In this way, the e-mail is properly closed and all necessary data is sent along. But it also gives a certain image. Such a thing is neatly and neatly at the bottom of the email. It is immediately noticeable and it is immediately clear to people what kind of company they are dealing with.

With Digital Signature Generator, you immediately notice the clear and well-arranged structure that is observed on the platform. There is also the option to add a company with all associated data. Here you can also choose not to register for a company. So the choice lies with the customer.

Entered data can always be adjusted later. So there is always a lot to set up and adjust. All very clear and easy to find. This way, the platform remains usable for everyone. However, this is not all as a customer can add multiple companies to his or her account. This can also be arranged very clearly and clearly on this platform.

This way, you can always and everywhere control not only an account but also the added companies. For example, additional information can be added later, such as a logo or standard colors that really suit the company. The logo can be easily added and colors easily chosen.

Employees can be added easily. All employee data can be entered neatly and neatly stored under the company. This way they can be used later to create a digital signature. Again, this data can also be adjusted at a later date.

The digital signatures can be created per customer or in entire groups. But just what the customer wants.

You can choose from different templates. The user can quietly view and compare all templates. This way, the best template for the company can be chosen.
Finally, also not unimportant, what are the costs to use this new platform?

Various packages are available. This way you can choose the right one for every company.
The packages are divided as follows:
Basic €10/yr: 1 employee and access to all premium templates.
Starter €25/yr: 5 employees and access to all premium templates.
Standard €40/yr (recommended): 15 employees and access to all premium templates.
Ultimate €75/yr: 50 employees and access to all premium templates.

Payment is easy and fast at the bank of your choice. A confirmation is sent neatly after payment and the platform can be used immediately.


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